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About Us

The creation of Barsha was inspired by husband and wife Adnen & Lenora Marouani. Adnen is an established restaurateur who soon made his way to Las Vegas for a change in scenery. Lenora is a trained chef who having worked at many restaurants throughout LA made a pilgramage to Las Vegas to grow her passion. They both met while working in Caesars Palace, and somehow, amidst the chaotic, clanging clamor of restaurant work, they had a magical, silence-the-soundtrack, slow-motion moment over spinach“, and the rest is history! (Read the Spinach Story!)

Together they traveled to Europe and North Africa where they staged in various restaurants taking their knowledge of food and wine to next level. Soon after, they returned to the South Bay to do what they love!

The word Barsha means abundance in Tunisian. Barsha in Manhattan Beach was established in 2012, the same year as the birth of their first baby girl, Pash (Peeshy) Barsha Shop features wine, spirits, and food products from around the world. It also houses a wine bar that serves small bites & themed wine tastings. Sura (Sura Mookie) their youngest, came trailing a few years later, and Barsha restaurant in Hermosa Beach opened in 2018. Barsha Hermosa features cuisine from Adnen & Lenora’s cultures, travels, and inspirations. Feast on Tunisian + globally influenced cuisine and libations at our Barsha home!


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